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Mobile flood protection application

THE VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS – protection against flooding in the garage and in the basement

If you want to prevent local flooding without permanently barricading your house, you will soon encounter water protection cushions and hoses. In an emergency, these flat, easy-to-store pillows absorb water like a sponge, creating an effective barrier to prevent further water from penetrating. The yellow color also gives more security when used on the street, basement and garage entrances, with canal covers in city traffic. So the hoses can also be used for diversions in flood areas.

Mobile flood protection with the water protection cushions and protection barriers

The following examples show possible applications of our water protection barriers in the area of building protection and also in the event of flooding
Water protection hose for entry doors or garage doors - Double protection - The hose is placed in the middle

Mobile locks as a seal

Garages, front doors and side entrance doors or garage doors are particularly at risk not only in the event of flooding and flooding, but also in the event of heavy rain. As a precaution, seal these with our ready-to-use water protection barriers and prevent the ingress of excess water. There is no need to lug heavy sandbags or expensive conversions. When dry, the water suction hoses only weigh 0.6 to 1.5 kg. When using two-chamber systems, double protection is possible. The hoses immediately absorb the water and form a barrier.

Derive or divert floods - street floods - house entrances etc.

Mobile blocking as a diversion

Water protection barriers also provide flood protection or a water barrier for the whole house if the water can be drained off or diverted in good time. We show you how easy it is in our application video, where a garage and the basement are reliably protected against heavy rain or heavy rain. No other system can be used so easily and quickly. Substantial water damage can be prevented across the board.

Water suction hose for house entrances - cellar entrances - side entrances

Mobile barriers as a barrier

If there is danger and that water runs into the house, the water protection barriers also serve as a water barrier. Depending on the size of the water protection barriers used, floods of up to 40 cm high water column can be effectively prevented and limited or diverted. And that at low cost and without structural changes!

Water protection cushion for sealing

Water protection cushions are used for prevention, damage limitation, absorption, elimination and sealing. Wherever water leakage or flooding can cause damage, the water suction pads and protective barriers can be used quickly and easily. Outside if the Light shaft sealed shall be. Or indoors if one Water pipe bursts or it is a classic Broken pipe, the protective cushions can be used immediately. When unused, the water suction pads are particularly light. Find out more about water protection cushions in the building here Indoor water protection pillow

Oil binding hose

Water protection cushion filled

They serve as protective pillows and protective hoses for mobile damage limitation or for prevention. If there is contact with water, the pillows absorb and swell immediately. The leaked water is absorbed and the uncontrolled spread is prevented. They form a water barrier in no time and prevent worse. The water suction pads are particularly suitable for indoor use. e.g. bps. a defective household appliance or a broken pipe in the basement. Unexpected water leaks can also cause enormous damage in the bathroom. Until the cause is found, the water suction pads can be used immediately and prevent worse damage. The pillows are also often used in the commercial sector. e.g. in production workshops where the risk of water leakage is particularly high.

Water barrier - limit water

Water protection pillow in use

As a protective cushion or water protection barrier, they serve as a seal, stabilization, containment and barrier. In contrast to the complex filling of sandbags, the protective cushions only need to be soaked in water and are immediately ready to use to prevent water damage in the form of private flood protection.


Areas of application

  • Fire brigade, THW, plant protection (extinguishing water, water ingress, water protection device)
  • Waterworks (water supply, sewage disposal)
  • Water inlet and outlet (retention basin)
  • Power plants
  • Drainage in water vehicles
  • Sanitary ware (pipe break, hose break)
  • Workshops and central warehouse
  • Building protection (household, office, shops, shopping center, public facilities, private area)

Pillow dimensions water protection pillow

  • 40 cm x 50 cm (single-chamber system absorbs up to 10 liters of tap water)
  • 60 cm x 50 cm (one or two-chamber system absorbs up to 20 liters of tap water)
  • 75 cm x 50 cm (three-chamber system absorbs up to 25 liters of tap water)

Barrier dimension water protection hose

  • 120 cm x 25 cm (single-chamber system absorbs up to 20 liters of tap water)
  • 160 cm x 25 cm (single-chamber system absorbs up to 25 liters of tap water)
  • 120 cm x 50 cm (two-chamber system absorbs up to 40 liters of tap water)
  • 160 cm x 50 cm (two-chamber system absorbs up to 50 liters of tap water)
  • 250 cm x 50 cm (single-chamber system absorbs up to 80 liters of tap water)
  • 250 cm x 50 cm (two-chamber system absorbs up to 80 liters of tap water)

Further information

  • The absorption capacity is always dependent on water quality and pollution.
  • Store dry and UV protected.

Severe Weather Warning – All warnings for Europe

The severe weather weather alarm map for Europe (Germany and Austria) A clear overview of impending and current storm situations shows in which areas weather protection measures are recommended. This information serves as a precaution for everyone. The map keeps up to date and is constantly updated. Prevention is the most important thing in the event of flooding to avoid high damage.



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