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Heavenly powers are not to be trifled with, and the fascinating aesthetics of a thunderstorm must never distract from the danger to life from striking lightning, be it caused by Zeus, convection or something else. Incidentally, thunderstorm phenomena have not yet been fully clarified. On the coast and in rather flat areas, their appearance is mostly announced by the approaching dark thunderclouds and a noticeable thunderstorm; In the mountains, however, thunderstorm phenomena can occur more often “out of the blue”.

Tips for behavior: Lightning often strikes at the highest point of an area. Therefore, when you are out in the open, forget the advice “Oaks you should give way, beeches you should look for”, because lightning doesn’t make a difference. Forest edges, groups of trees and individual trees could be the target of a lightning strike. If possible, keep a distance of at least 10 meters from a tree, even within a forest; Otherwise avoid the proximity of metal fences, metal structures, pillars, masts and antennas; You should keep a safety distance of at least 50 m from overhead lines; also keep a safe distance of at least 3 m from other people; Avoid free-standing or shelters on a hill if you do not have a lightning rod. Do not forget that bicycles and motorcycles are also made of metal, so keep a distance of several meters from these means of transport. However, anyone sitting in a closed car is protected by the Faraday cage, which is named after Michael Faraday.

Incidentally, umbrellas are also dangerous during thunderstorms. If a closed car and a safe building cannot be found, then it is advisable to crouch down in a hollow and make yourself small. Put your feet together so that there is no step tension. Before starting their trip, tent holidaymakers should learn the various recommended behaviors, depending on the proximity of the thunderstorm; The tent wall and poles should not be touched during a thunderstorm. When it comes to behavior at home, the following still applies: do not bathe (lightning can strike the pipe system), (in exceptional cases) do not make a corded phone call, do not use a headset, do not wear headphones, pull out the mains plug and disconnect the antenna and LAN plugs. Few people know that a normal “lightning rod” as external lightning protection on the house does not take on the special tasks of surge arresters. In general, lightning protection systems may only be installed by lightning protection specialists.