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Flood protection garage

More and more private households as well as tissue operators are confronted with floods and floods. It is often only short storms with heavy rain and heavy thunderstorms that make excess water a problem. The water often comes through a crowded canal, garage entrances and cellar entrances, light shafts and entrance doors. But also indoors, such as defective devices with water connections or pipe breaks, cause high water damage. The water is often very difficult to stop and contain.

With the mobile water protection cushions and water protection hoses, the water is absorbed within a short time and not released again. The advantage of the pillows and hoses is that immediate use is guaranteed in the event of excess water. The granules inside the pillows and hoses bind the water in a short time. When the water suction cushions and water suction hoses are filled with water, they act as a barrier and so the water can be diverted and drained as described below. The pillows can often be beneficial indoors. This way, drip water can be collected from the ceiling easily and cleanly and transported away.

We have chosen a garage entrance for this. We suddenly simulate excess water that is subsequently drained off. This is only one possibility of many flood situations. This flows in streams from the street towards the garage, as was often the case on site.


The material of the water protection hoses and pillows is made of durable nonwoven. The specially and naturally manufactured fleece absorbs the water and does not release it again. This is the only way to create a water barrier later. Inside the protective tubes and pillows is a high-quality granulate super absorber, which binds the water in a short time. A strong color ensures safety on the side of the road.

Mobile flood protection mode of operation

Attention ! The use of water protection hoses and cushions is limited in the event of flooding. The material can only process the water to a limited extent. The exact information regarding water absorption and capacity can be found in the item description in the shop


Flood protection complaining of barriers

It is important to keep the pillows and tubes ready for use. This allows them to be kept in the basement or side rooms for a long time.

Now the protective tubes are prepared. It makes sense to distribute the granules evenly inside the hose. However, it is sufficient if the granules are only roughly distributed. The water is mainly absorbed by the special fleece. The water protection hoses are now placed along the desired water barrier. Make sure that a protrusion of approx. 10-15 cm is maintained. The protective tubes are very light when dry. It should be noted that the hoses are soaked in water in advance or weighted down with stones. Strong gusts of wind can be expected before the storm. The main advantage of the hoses is the optimal adaptation to the surface. This means that optimal sealing can also be expected for house entrance doors and basement doors. The hoses are easy and quick to put on.

Attention ! As long as the water protection cushions and hoses are not brought into contact with material and water containing pollutants, they can simply be disposed of with household waste and do not endanger your health.

In the test, we connected the mobile water protection hoses with water in order to immediately create an optimal barrier. Then we released 4000 liters of excess water and washed it towards the water barrier. The mobile flood protection remains almost dry on the back. In the video (see below) you can see how easily and quickly an optimal barrier can be created in an emergency to prevent such high damage.

Many fire departments are already using the water suction hoses. In times of high water, many water barriers are often required at the same time without the time-consuming filling of sandbags.

Mobile flood protection blocking active

Attention ! When storing, make sure that the hoses and pillows are protected from UV light and high humidity.


impending flood heavy rain

The result is quite impressive. Of course, the hoses cannot withstand high levels of flooding. We all know that floods can generally only be treated to a limited extent. But again in 2019 we have to expect storms and heavy rain. With the protective pillows and hoses, a lot of damage can be prevented in an emergency and saves a lot of stress. Water damage is usually enormous. Even the fire brigade can only help to a limited extent in times of flooding. Many are affected at the same time and need help immediately.

For maximum security, we also recommend the tried and tested flood box. With the floodbox, cellars that are already under water can be pumped out in no time. The floodbox is an optimal dirty water submersible pump with high performance and is offered as a set including a hose. The flood set – MORE ABOUT

Water damage prevented

Frequently asked questions

Can the mobile lock also be stacked?

There are two-chamber water protection hoses, e.g. water protection hose two-chamber system . You can stack a water protection hose single chamber system and raise the water barrier

Can flood protection be used more often?

Yes you can reuse the hose after dry. How often the hose can be used depends on the water pollution. If the hose is heavily contaminated, it can only be used once.

How heavy are the hoses?

The hoses are very light and easy to handle. Depending on the size, the water protective tubes weigh between 0.5 and 3 kg

Are the locks also available in Switzerland?

We also send the flood protection hoses and pillows to Switzerland.

Deliver the hoses all over Germany

The water protection hoses and cushions are sent to the desired address throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.