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Protection from the floods
In the heart of the Traisen River, together with the state of Lower Austria, we have installed water engineering flood protection systems and completed the first
Heavy rainfall and flooding in relation to climate change.
Many Germans have still not forgotten the terrible images of the flood disaster in the Ahr Valley in the summer of 2021. The flooding of the
Flood protection measures
storm warning
The severe weather weather alarm map for Germany as a clear overview of threatened and current severe weather situations shows in which areas weather protection precautions
Thunderstorm on the river
Measures in the event of a thunderstorm
Heavenly powers are not to be trifled with, and the fascinating aesthetics of a thunderstorm must never distract from the danger to life from striking lightning,
Desert and climate change
Climate change and floods
The relationship between global climate change and the occurrence of floods is extremely complex and has so far been one of the least explored areas of
Hail – storm – heat stress
The precipitation of hailstones is preceded by adventurous events within cumulonimbus clouds; the damage caused by the grains that eventually fall can, however, be manifold and