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storm warning

Flood protection measures

Weather map

The severe weather weather alarm map for Germany as a clear overview of threatened and current severe weather situations shows in which areas weather protection precautions are recommended. This information serves everyone as a precaution. The map keeps you up to date and is constantly updated.

Clear weather warning on a map

The weather displays created by the severe weather center can be specified on the map using filters. Anticipated dangerous weather situations in Europe in 2017 are displayed up to two days in advance, so that information about the weather today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow (not yesterday) is available, day and night. (It should be noted that weather forecasts can never include all weather-determining factors.) There is a combination of iconographic and colored signals for the severe weather warnings: Depending on the warning level and weather situation, the regions are marked with one of the six colors and appropriate weather symbols, with a distinction being made between warnings and acute warnings. The map system is versatile: Weather warnings for thunderstorms (with possible accompanying effects), squalls, heavy rain, heavy snowfall and black ice rain are displayed, and extreme heat, frost and slippery roads are indicated.

Advice for storms and heavy rain

Floods, hurricanes and massive snowfalls have increased in recent years and the images from the crisis regions show how destructive the power of nature can be. What is particularly devastating is that although people can flee, houses and apartments are exposed to the forces of nature. If you want to protect them from storms, you have to take the right measures.

What is the weather situation?
The decisive question is: what kind of storm is imminent? In contrast to the situation in the past, we now have very good weather forecasting options. Satellite images show, for example, whether a cyclone is forming or a bad weather front is building up. If heavy rainfall, a hurricane or other extreme weather conditions are to be expected, symbols are used. The detailed warning from the district also contains information on the amount of precipitation or wind speeds to be expected and the period during which the warning is active. This gives all those potentially affected time to prepare for the approaching disaster.

What is the best storm protection?
Regardless of the type of warning, anyone who needs to prepare himself and his house should do so early on. If you only go to the hardware store when it starts to rain, you may no longer be able to act in time. In any case, the following applies: early preventive measures reduce stress and prevent panic. Which specific measures make sense in the event of a storm depends on the respective threat situation.

What to do in a storm:
Fortunately, strong winds and hurricanes are rare phenomena in Europe that cause little damage due to the solid construction of most buildings. However, this does not mean that there is no danger of covered roofs and dented panes. When a storm approaches, windows and doors should therefore be closed and, if available, protected with shutters. Heavy rainfall usually occurs after a storm. Here doors and gates at risk should be sealed against pressing rainwater.

What to do in case of snowfall:
Snow brings two main dangers: firstly, entrance doors and gates can become impassable and people can be trapped, and secondly, the snow load poses a problem for roofs. If heavy snowfall is announced, sufficient reserves should therefore be created in the house. The meltwater is also not to be neglected. Water ingress is often to be expected at garage entrances and sloping house entrances.

Tips in case of thunderstorms

Hail – storm – heat stress

Flood protection and water barriers for the house:
Floods and floods are the most common causes of high material damage as a result of storms. Appropriate protection is therefore particularly important. This begins with knowing the weak points of your own company. Are there any connections to the sewer system through which water can possibly enter? If water penetrates from the outside, it happens in the rain from a certain side, for example at the lowest point or a location with a slight slope. It is advisable to start protective measures there as soon as the storm control center reports heavy rain. Sandbags are the classic aid here. These are effective, but also very difficult.

Modern water protection systems with absorbent materials are the better choice. With water protection pillows you can secure the house without having to lift heavy loads. This means that a water barrier can be built very quickly, because the material soaks up the water and thus provides appropriate protection. In an emergency, a pump should also be available to pump water out of the house as quickly as possible. An important part of the preparation is also to protect valuables in good time. If you can, you can bring furniture, carpets and all other furnishings into a room as high as possible. Last but not least, the protection of your own person should not be disregarded. Wellies and sturdy clothing are just as important as clean drinking water and a place to warm up.