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Case study

Floods and floods are the most common causes of high material damage as a result of storms. Appropriate protection is therefore particularly important. This begins with knowing the weak points of your own company. Are there any connections to the sewer system through which water can possibly enter? If water penetrates from the outside, it happens in the rain from a certain side, for example at the lowest point or a location with a slight slope. It is advisable to start protective measures there as soon as the storm control center reports heavy rain. Sandbags are the classic aid here. These are effective, but also very difficult.

Modern water protection systems with absorbent materials are the better choice. With water protection pillows you can secure the house without having to lift heavy loads. This means that a water barrier can be built very quickly, because the material soaks up the water and thus provides appropriate protection. In an emergency, a pump should also be available to pump water out of the house as quickly as possible. An important part of the preparation is also to protect valuables in good time. If you can, you can bring furniture, carpets and all other furnishings into a room as high as possible. Last but not least, the protection of your own person should not be disregarded. Wellies and sturdy clothing are just as important as clean drinking water and a place to warm up.

Thanks to the mobile flood protection, you could go on vacation carefree. In her absence the water came!
How did the Müller family do it? You didn’t think much of it. Often the weather forecasts and severe weather warnings are not accurate enough. A brief thunderstorm with torrential rain often occurs in areas. As soon as the storm arrives, it’s over again.
In this case, a 120 cm protective hose was sufficient. A patio door with an entrance to the house. Years ago the house was already under water with enormous damage through the entrance. But this time it was to turn out differently. The hose was placed dry in front of the entrance door to the terrace, absorbing the water and forming a water barrier of up to 15 cm.

What makes the hose so special now?
Everybody knows it. When the storm comes, it has to be done quickly. The hoses are ready for use. No filling is necessary. Furthermore, the hoses are very small when dry and can be used by everyone. Are easy to store and ready for emergencies.
Why does the hose seal the entrance door so well compared to sandbags? The hose is softer and yet very stable and tear-resistant. While the hose is taking in the water, it adapts to the door opening and the overall situation at the same time.

Water suction hose for garage entrances - entrance gates
Waterproofing in the basement, garage and light shaft

Water protection hose with 120 x 25 cm or 160 x 25 cm standard

Oil binding hose
Water protection barrier at the house entrance

Water protection hose with 120 x 25 cm or 160 x 25 cm standard

Water protection hose for entrance doors or garage doors - Double protection - The hose is placed in the middle
Water protection hose for entrance doors or garage doors - Double protection - The hose is placed in the middle

Water protection hose 160 x 50 cm – two-chamber system

Divert or redirect floods - street floods - driveways, etc.
Redirect water with the water protection hoses from Loidhold flood protection

Water protection hoses 250 x 50 two-chamber system and water protection hoses 160 x 25 standard for higher water barrier


Protection against flooding in the garage and in the basement

Here we have tested the water protection hoses for emergencies. The water protection cushions work in the same way and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

With the protective cushion and protective hoses, you can prevent impending water damage in the interior and around the building. They absorb the water within a very short time and do not give it off again. They also form a water barrier. This means that the protective cushions can also be used as a diversion or containment.

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Water protection pillow

Our water suction pads are ideal for indoor use. The cushions are very popular with home furnishing and property management as protection against impending water ingress, pipe bursts, groundwater in the basement, dripping water as well as general precautionary measures for emergencies. The water suction pads are also used in a variety of ways in the industrial sector. e.g. Industrial machines and devices with slight water leakage.

Water protection system - how the water suction pads and water suction hoses work

Water-absorbing material as a solution – superabsorbents

Unlike sandbags, the water protection cushions not only form a water barrier in the house, but also actively absorb liquid, which also prevents water damage. Inside there is a water-absorbing super absorber granulate that can absorb around ten liters per pillow. This binds the water and forms a barrier at the same time. Since the pillows are light and handy in their initial state, they can be used quickly and flexibly to prevent water damage in the house.
They are also suitable for use in the basement, as a water barrier in the garage and in the garden. The soaked pillows are either dried or disposed of with household waste. The material used is harmless to humans and the environment in its original state. Storage must be UV-protected and absolutely dry, because otherwise the superabsorbent used would immediately bind moisture.
Meltwater and condensation often presses into the garage in winter. The cushions and hoses are very flexible and can also be used in garages without a drain. Excess snow water can be caught and absorbed.

First aid in the event of impending water damage

Water is essential for everyday life. However, if a pipe breaks or there is a threat of flooding as a result of storms, the vital moisture can quickly become a serious hazard for the facility. Parquet, furniture and cladding made of wood usually do not survive prolonged contact with water.
Moisture that has penetrated masonry can cause damage for a long time. As a first aid in the event of water ingress, water suction pads are an excellent measure to prevent water damage indoors. They can also be used as a flexible water barrier for water protection in the basement or as a protective measure in the household. The water protection system is not limited to the private sector, the cushions also effectively protect workshops, shops and offices in the appropriate amount.

The practice tip
Before use, make sure that the material inside the pillow is evenly distributed with water granules.

The advantages
Light and handy, hard-wearing, easy to store, transportable with one hand, easy to store temporarily, can be disposed of with household waste.

In their original condition, the cushions and locks are harmless to humans, flora and fauna. No “dangerous goods” The flood protection is naturally established.

Immediately ready for use, the water protection cushions and water protection hoses are ready for use (no filling necessary. Can also be used indoors. Natural product.