Water protection hose LWS 250 x 50 cm two-chamber system

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250 x 50 cm large and durable flood protection hose with two chambers for use in floods and floods. With the suction pads and water suction hoses with two chambers, the flood protection can be increased by placing a water protection cushion or water protection hose with one chamber on it. For absorption, prevention, damage limitation, sealing and stabilization.

  • Dimensions: 250 x 50 cm
  • Note: 5 hoses bind up to 400 liters
  • Absorption up to 80 liters (dH) per tube

In its original condition, harmless to humans, fauna and flora

  • light and handy, hard-wearing, easy to store, transportable with one hand, easy to store temporarily, clearly visible in the street area
  • repeated use possible depending on water pollution
  • In contrast to the very complex filling of sandbags, the protective tubes only need to be soaked or brought into contact with water and are immediately ready for use. In addition, the water suction hoses are very light and easy to handle when dry.
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The protective measure against flooding and flooding

Natural flood protection for quick and easy use. In the event of heavy rain or water leakage indoors, water protection hoses or water barriers can be used immediately in an emergency. Without filling sandbags. The finished hoses absorb the water in a very short time and do not release it again.

Not only the forces of nature, but also defective household installations and devices can cause floods. If these are not contained at an early stage, the damage balance often takes on catastrophic proportions. Water protection cushions and water protection hoses offer a way to prevent water damage preventively

Note: Store dry and UV protected!