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Karl Maier flood protection

Water protection cushion WK 50 x 40 cm single-chamber system

50 x 40 cm large, light, handy and hard-wearing water protection cushion with a chamber for use during floods and inundations. The WK 50 x 40 is suitable for dripping water both indoors and outdoors (e.g. burst pipes) for absorption, prevention, damage limitation, sealing and stabilization.

  • Dimensions: 50 x 40 cm
  • Note: 30 pillows bind up to 300 liters
  • Absorption up to 10 liters (dH) per pillow
  • light and handy, hard-wearing, easy to store, transportable with one hand, easy to store temporarily, easily visible in the street area
  • In their original condition, the cushions and locks are harmless to humans, flora and fauna. No “dangerous goods” – multiple use possible depending on water pollution
  • Areas of application: Indoors – private areas, basements, bathrooms and the entire household. Commercial use: building protection, workshops and storage rooms, public facilities. Fire brigade – sewer sealing – light shaft – doors and windows
  • In contrast to the time-consuming filling of sandbags, the protective cushions are placed and, if necessary, weighted down in windy conditions and are immediately ready for use. The water protection pillows are very light and easy to handle when dry


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