Water protection cushion WK 60 x 50 cm one-chamber system

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60 x 50 cm large, light, handy and durable flood protection cushion with a chamber for use in floods and floods. For absorption, prevention, damage limitation, sealing and stabilization.

  • Dimensions: 60 x 1 x 50 cm
  • Note: 25 pillows bind up to 500 liters
  • Absorption up to 20 liters (dH) per pillow

In its original condition, harmless to humans, fauna and flora

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Water suction cushions for indoor protection – water barrier and building protection

The water suction pads absorb the water within a very short time and do not release it again. Inside the pillow is a natural granulate that binds water. With the Loidhold water protection cushion you can prevent water damage in an emergency. The pillows are immediately ready for use and can be disposed of with household waste after use. Wherever water causes damage, the water protection cushions can be used.

Frequent use:

  • Pipe break
  • Ingress of water during heavy rain or heavy rain or flooding
  • defective household appliances with water leakage
  • water leakage in the bathroom
  • Water in the basement due to groundwater or pipe break
  • Water leakage in the commercial area. Production machines, heating systems, workshops
  • water ingress
  • Building protection, household, office and shops
  • Use in the fire service area
  • Public institutions

Suddenly water in the basement. Where can the water come from? Until the question is resolved and water ingress is stopped, the water protection cushions can prevent the worst.

Not only the forces of nature, but also defective household installations and devices can cause floods. If these are not contained at an early stage, the damage balance often takes on catastrophic proportions. Water protection cushions and water protection hoses offer a way to prevent water damage preventively

Note: Store dry and UV protected!