Mobile flood protection private floodgate

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Floodgate – Optimal protection against water damage

Type designations and sizes of the individual Floodgate door locks:

  • Floodgate sizes and components available:Alle Standard floodgates have a standard height of 680 mm
    • Floodgate Small: clear width of 650–880 mm
    • Floodgate standard: clear width of 750–980 mm
    • Floodgate Regular: clear width of 870–1,100 mm
    • Floodgate Medium: clear width of 955-1,185 mm
    • Floodgate Large: clear width of 1,175–1,405 mm
    • Floodgate XL: clear width of 1,350–1,580 mm
    • Floodgate XXL: clear width of 1,520–1,660 mm




consisting of:

    • 1 piece floodgate including neoprene sleeve
    • 1 piece ratchet wrench
    • 3 pieces of neoprene strips (as a sealing allowance in special cases with rough or slightly uneven surfaces)
    • 1 piece of silicone tube with cartridge syringe (as an additional emergency sealant for difficult substrates)
    • 1 piece of operating instructions


  • Floodgate system support set
  • connectors (to connect multiple floodgates)
  • Wall connection strips (to bridge base tiles)
  • system supports (to stack several floodgates)
  • Screw-on plates (to seal wall ducts and ventilation)

Special sizes can be made on request – accessories on request

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Mobile flood protection for entrance doors, entrance gates and large windows

The door, gate and window lock model Floodgate is a mobile flood protection system that is very robust, flexible and easy to use. The Floodgate flood protection requires no devices such as floor or side rails and can be used by untrained people without any problems. The installation of the Floodgate water barrier takes a maximum of two minutes and is very easy to use. (see assembly video). The Floodgate water door lock is made very solid with a 25 millimeter tubular steel frame. Which is also telescopically adjustable in width. The flood protection adapts perfectly to the door or gate width and guarantees a strong hold. The frame is encased in a seven millimeter thick neoprene sheathing that serves as a seal and anti-skid device. Neoprene is highly elastic, oil and weather resistant and excellently seals bumps.

Advantages of the Floodgate door lock:

  • Awarded the BSI Kitemark for flood protection for building openings (PAS 1188-1)
  • Quick and easy to use
  • No permanent installations or frames necessary
  • No installation costs
  • Favorable acquisition costs
  • Protects more effectively than 50+ sandbags
  • Minimal space required for installation (as only 25 mm thick)
  • Expandable to protect larger entrances
  • Installation possible during flooding to minimize damage
  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly due to its reusability
  • Easy to store and transport
  • In most cases, the object protected with Floodgate can still be entered
  • Also suitable for fire fighting water retention measures

Floodgate assembly instructions

Below is the assembly principle of Floodgate door locks in three steps:

Step 1: Horizontal expansion of the Floodgate door lock by turning a spindle with the wrench provided
Step 2: Vertical expansion (only downwards) of the Floodgate door lock by turning the set screws with the wrench provided
Schritt 3: The Floodgate door lock is ready for use