Flutbox – the flood set

318,00 inkl. MwSt

Includes 20% MwSt
Delivery Time: 2-5 working days

Flutbox – pump out the cellar, pool and garden ponds without stress

High quality and versatile submersible pump U5KS – so you can get the water out of the basement quickly and easily

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  • powerful submersible pump
  • 12.5 m long fire hose with C coupling
  • Box for use and storage
  • Water protection hose 160 x 25 cm
  • high delivery rate (Hmax 8 m, Qmax 11.5 m³ / h)
  • maximum operational safety | 20 mm free passage
  • Thermal protection and motor jacket cooling ensure trouble-free continuous operation
  • Continuous operation even when exposed
  • including float lock for minimal residual water levels
  • including fire hose with C-coupling 12.5 m
  • Quick and easy connection thanks to the C coupling
  • very hard-wearing, long-lasting material – industrial quality
  • Space-saving storage when rolled up Entire storage for immediate use in the box
  • Extension of the fire hose through the C coupling is possible without any problems
  • including wall mounting for storage of the flood box

With the flood box you are fully equipped for emergencies!

If the water has already entered the basement, there is no way around that the basement is pumped out as quickly as possible to prevent greater damage. The floodbox is not only to be used in the event of impending floods, the submersible pump is also an optimal solution for pressing groundwater.

More and more fire departments are using the high-quality floodbox, and not without reason. When it comes down to it and the flood or flood suddenly occurs, a large number of cellars have to be pumped out at the same time. With the Flutbox, an affordable overall solution was created.

The right structure so that the water can be pumped out quickly.

  1.  Connect the C-hose to the pump
  2. Lay the C hose where the water is to be pumped
  3. Power the submersible pump and put it in the box
  4. Fix the submersible pump in the box
  5. Box with the submersible pump in the water points and switch on
  6.  When the water level is approx. 14 cm, the pump switches off automatically due to the float lock.
  7. Take the pump out of the basket (remove the floor protection) and fix the float in the horizontal position.
  8. Pump out the remaining water. Attention ! only under supervision.

Having a dirty water pump ready is definitely worth it. In the event of prolonged heavy rain, the fire brigade often has to pump out many cellars at the same time. In addition, the service by the fire department can cost several hundred euros. In this case the flood box is the suitable solution.