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Prefa flood protection
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Aluminium Dammbalken System –  Aluminum dam beam system – The safe and permanent solution – Mobile application 

The mobile flood protection made of aluminum, the high-quality and safe solution for maximum protection!
The dam beam system for property and landscape protection is made of robust and corrosion-resistant aluminum with tongue and groove system. With the mobile dam beam system, you are equipped for emergencies. Not only the quick and easy set-up, but also the flexibility and the high-quality design provide security and protection for your own home.
Overview flood dam beam system
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Floods are triggered by nature. An event that cannot be prevented. With the mobile flood protection in a robust design with unique and quick installation, you can prevent enormous damage!

We will prepare a free offer including a static calculation for your security. Prepare for the next flood.

Mobile flood protection wall made of high quality aluminum
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The mobile flood protection can be installed in or in front of the reveal (wall). Depending on the installation situation, the U-profiles or H-profiles can be installed. Nothing more is needed. The dam beams are prefabricated and delivered to the natural size.
Assembly service Loidhold flood protection
Assembly service Loidhold flood protection
Assembly service Loidhold flood protection
Assembly service Loidhold flood protection
Assembly service Loidhold flood protection
Assembly service Loidhold flood protection
Assembly service Loidhold flood protection
Assembly service Loidhold flood protection
Assembly service Loidhold flood protection


The following examples show possible applications of Prefa flood protection dams in the areas of building protection and landscape protection. The flood protection can also be installed over long distances.
Dam beams tongue and groove

Dam beam tongue and groove system

DAMBALKEN (object and landscape protection) The profile is made of a robust and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy and is also suitable for long storage due to the low maintenance effort. The profiles are available in two versions (50 mm and 80 mm). With the System 80, higher designs and larger spans are possible. The aluminum profiles are simply stacked on top of each other in a tongue and groove system. Interlocking dam beams ensure high stability and maximum safety. The profiles are inserted into the mounting profiles on both sides and fixed from above with clamping pieces.

Attachment in front of or in the reveal

Object protection fastening profile – in or in front of the reveal

FIXING PROFILE (for object protection) There are three ways to connect the fixed fastening profiles: In, behind or in front of the reveal, as described above. The fastening is dimensioned according to the structural requirements of the overall system and has to be decided in individual cases. System gaskets made of foam rubber prevent water from penetrating. The profiles are available up to a length of 6 m and can be installed up to 3 m high. A static calculation is recommended in any case and we also offer it without obligation and free of charge. The inserted system seal consists of EPDM / foam rubber and can be easily replaced if necessary. After use, cleaning and checking the profiles or seals is mandatory to guarantee functionality in the event of future events.

Fixing post for flood protection

Free-standing fastening post for flood protection

MOUNTING POLE (for landscape protection)
The weight is only 9.4 kg (system 50mm; system 80mm – 11.3kg)
per running meter. When installing for the first time,
on a suitable surface
a ground sleeve can be attached. The uprights are simply anchored in the ground socket without a special tool using a bayonet catch.
Additional supports must be provided if necessary. The landscape protection is only offered with posts to be concreted in.

Hochwasserschutz Eingangstür - Kellertür

Flood protection in house entrance or cellar entrance

Front doors and cellar doors are particularly at risk not only in the event of flooding and flooding, but also in the event of heavy rain and heavy rain. As a precaution, seal this with our mobile aluminum flood protection and prevent the ingress of excess water.

Flood protection garage door

Flood protection for the garage and cellar entrance

The floods can cause considerable damage to and in the house. With Prefa flood protection you are one step ahead. The individual Prefa system protects your property from water damage in the house. The system can be attached in front of, in or behind the reveal. The color of the fastening profiles can be adapted to your facade. We will create the right offer for your property.

Mobile flood protection

Free-standing flood protection and landscape protection

Driveways such as roads or paths can be completely protected with the Prefa system. The mobile flood protection is anchored to the ground with stable uprights or fastened with ground sleeves. Existing protective walls can also be added and expanded later, guaranteeing a water barrier for a long time.


Areas of application

  • private area
  • Fire brigade, THW, works protection (extinguishing water, water ingress, water protection device)
  • Waterworks (water supply, sewage disposal)
  • water inlet and outlet (retention basin)
  • Power plants
  • cellars, garages, house entrances
  • Workshops and central warehouse
  • Building protection (household, office, shops, shopping centers, public facilities,)

The possibilities

  • Object and landscape protection, versatile use
  • Flood protection can be expanded as required
  • existing flood protection can be increased
  • The dam beam length can be individually adjusted.

Additional information

  • Aluminum dam beams are inserted into fastening profiles or uprights on both sides.
  • Stacking of the dam beams with tongue and groove system
  • Fixation from above using a clamping piece
  • The dam beams fill with increasing water level and thus increase the stability of the wall.

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