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Flood protection made easy. The sandbag has support

Climate researchers are appealing: the extreme flood disasters of the past few years were just the beginning. We are dealing with a century of phenomena. With the existing protection systems, dilapidated dyke systems, inadequate bank fortifications and sandbags, countries and municipalities are lagging behind this development. And that, given the notoriously empty public coffers. Is there still a way out of the flood protection crisis?


Flood protection hoses


Flood kit
Attach the rubber end pad to the bottom wall strip, cut it and fold it inwards.
Mobile flood protection effect
Flood kit
SCHRITT 2: STEP 2: Wall mounting of the U-rails. Please note that your profiles are 1.20m wide. If necessary, you can of course shorten the profiles.
Mobile flood protection effect
Flood kit
STEP 3: Stick on long rubber strips (1m) on the inside of your wall strips. Attention: Do not stick under tension, the rubber strips should end flush with the rail.
Mobile flood protection effect
Flood kit
Englisch SCHRITT 4: Abschlussgummi in das Aluprofil eindrücken. Hinweis: Durch unser Silikonspray lassen sich die Gummiprofile einfacher montieren. STEP 4: Press the end rubber into the aluminum profile. Note: Our silicone spray makes it easier to install the rubber profiles.
Mobile flood protection effect
Flood kit
STEP 5: Press intermediate rubbers into the two profiles. Note: Adhesive for fixing to the aluminum profiles available as an option.
Mobile flood protection effect
Flood kit
STEP 6: First insert the aluminum profile with the end rubber and fix it with the wing nuts with appropriate pressure downwards. Repeat this process for the aluminum profiles with the intermediate rubbers.
Mobile flood protection effect
Flood kit
STEP 7: Check your connections to the floor and wall again if necessary. further measures are necessary to prevent the ingress of water almost completely.
Mobile flood protection effect
Flood kit
NOTE: Please check your floor and wall surfaces, in the case of larger bumps, use our accessories such as a tape, Plastic-Fermit to even them out or smooth the stock at your discretion.
Mobile flood protection effect

Masys flood protection – aluminum dam beam kit

328,00998,00 inkl. MwSt

Includes 20% MwSt
Light weight and easy to store
robust aluminum with a long service life
easy to install
massive version for high security


  • Width up to: 120 cm | 200 cm | 300 cm
  • Storage height: 60 cm = 3 dam bars with 20 cm
  • Storage height: 80 cm = 4 dam bars with 20 cm
  • Damming height: 100 cm = 5 dam bars with 20 cm
  • Protection from just 20 cm when using the first bar
  • Assembly: in the reveal | before the reveal (if necessary, shorten the beams – aluminum hollow chamber profiles)
  • Aluminum natural



  • Aluminium Dammbalken
  • Befestigungsprofile für die Mauerbefestigung
  • UV-beständige Dichtungen austauschbar
  • Befestigungsschrauben (Flügelschrauben)
  • Aufbauanleitung
  • ohne Mauerschrauben

Hochwertiger und sehr massiver Aluminium Hochwasserschutz für sicheren Schutz vor Wassereintritt. Der Hochwasserschutz ist besonders für den dauerhaften Einsatz geeignet und garantiert durch die hochwertige Verarbeitung eine lange Lebensdauer. Die Dammbalken werden aus speziellen Aluminium Profilen gefertigt. Durch die Hohle Ausführung füllen sich die Dammbalken im Ernstfall mit Wasser und vermeiden ein Aufschwimmen.

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Width up to max. 120 cm, Width up to max. 200 cm, Width up to max 300 cm


60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm

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